Tools & Resources

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  • Grammarly: my favourite free proofreader and spellchecker tool.

  • Substack: my favourite free newsletter platform.

  • DuckDuckGo: my favourite free privacy-oriented search engine.

  • Hostinger: my favourite affordable fast web hosting.

  • my favourite affordable domain registrar.

  • Spark: my favourite free email client for Mac.

  • Fastmail: my favourite privacy-minded email service. 10% off your first year.

  • Revolut: my favourite free day-to-day banking card in Europe.

  • IBKR: my favourite affordable investment broker. Earn up to 1,000 USD in IBKR stock.

  • Calendly: my favourite free scheduling tool.

  • Tally: my favourite free survey tool.

  • 1Password: my favourite password manager tool.