Kirill Vechtomov

Welcome to my universe =)

My name is Kirill Vechtomov. I am a designer, entrepreneur, writer, podcaster, husband, dad of 3, and just a human being. I was born in USSR, immigrated to Vancouver 🇨🇦 in 2010, and now live in Luxembourg 🇱🇺 since 2022.

Some people think I am crazy, but I want to fill my life with as many adventures, experiences, and learnings, as I can. Hence my life-long thirst for exploring new places, getting to know other people, and observing the world around us.

I've been designing UX for small businesses, startups, enterprises, and corporations since 2005. I've created digital solutions for a gazillion many user and business needs for a diverse set of industries and problem spaces. Currently, I work at Amazon and help people and companies selling on Amazon Marketplace expand into new markets, reduce costs, and grow their businesses.

Through this Journal, I will be capturing my thoughts, ideas, advice, and opinions on a range of topics that I find interesting.


My first intent is to help others who may be looking for answers, inspiration, and (possibly) entertainment. Second, I want to think of it as a journal of my life and thoughts, so that my kids and grand-...kids can get to know me better. Third, I want to get better at writing words and formulating my thinking.


The bigger themes are UX career advice, business ideas, life in Luxembourg and travelling around Europe. Also, there is a gazillion of other topics that make me curious, from macroeconomics, productivity tools, and everyday problems to survival skills, psychology, and parenting. So... there will be some random stuff, too 😜


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