🚀 Entrepreneurship

Documenting my (endless 😎) journey of building side projects and digital products with the goal of financial independence from location and time.

My first side project after moving to Europe.
Not only are the market applications for disruptive technologies unknown at the time of their development, they are unknowable.
The biggest and the riskiest assumptions of all is - the problem you are trying to solve is indeed the problem.
"Build an audience, not direct marketing; speak, write, blog, tweet, make videos…"
START YOUR OWN BUSINESS This option is the one I prefer, as seeing problems and possible solutions is not something I have trouble with :). Quite the…
Problem I wanted to learn survival skills, teach my son, and spend quality time together while doing this. Solution A joint project with my son Vania to…
Problem There is a relatively large group of people who are very passionate about unicorns and who love unicorn-themed products. There is a limited…
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