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🎙️ #29 - Touch UI, Management, and Presenting to Leaders | Fernando Sánchez-Ulloa

The new pod is up 🥳.

In this episode, I am talking to Fernando Sánchez-Ulloa who is a UX Design manager at Volvo Cars in Sweden.

We talk about:
➡ His career journey;
➡ Transitioning from a designer to a manager;
➡ Touch UI in cars;
➡ Autonomous driving;
➡ The joy of the driving experience;
➡ What it means to be a manager;
➡ Job search advice during tough market times;
➡ Tips on presenting to leadership;
➡ Dreaming of buying a Porsche (from 2002, not 2020 🤑)

and much more. Enjoy 🤙

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