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Finding the right balance with information density is an ongoing struggle in the enterprise UX world.

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Hello friends!

I've been thinking about negative space. Working on a lot of enterprise B2B UI, it often feels like it's a completely different world there. Consumer experiences tend to focus too much on negative space and I have a feeling it's getting worse, almost to the point of detriment for usability. Visually, it often looks nice, clean, and sleek (and all other buzzwords you've heard a lot already), but I often find myself thinking that UI elements start "losing" relation to each other.

Paul Fitts (who developed Fitts's law) would not approve 😆 I am also getting more and more serious about questioning the spacing and trying to be very careful and find the right balance of the information density (too much can be also detrimental to key usability metrics). Sadly, in the enterprise software world, too many stakeholders want to jam as much information on the screen as possible 🤦‍♂️

I love my job.

I love my job.

I love my job.


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🛍️ Device: Thanks to a friend's recommendation, I bought an air-quality monitor from Xiaomi and love it! Very simple and subtle design, and overall a pleasant hardware and UI design, feels solidly built, can connect notifications, has a built-in battery, local weather, and much more. I wish I could put it in every room, but ~150€ is a bit pricey 😆. Buy on Amazon.

🔗 Cool finds

  • What I Learned as a Product Designer at Apple (post - andreapacheco.work) – an interesting insight into the world of Apple, some clear differences with Amazon, but somewhat reminded me of what I read about Google and the level of quality for everything that gets shipped.
  • A Catalog of Q’s: Icebreakers (post - medium.com) – excellent collection of prompts, especially, if you facilitate a lot of workshops.
  • How Pet Products Are Tested For Safety (video - youtube.com) – never thought they test these harnesses 😮
  • Papyrus - SNL (video - youtube.com) – an old video, but still pure gold! I re-watch it regularly 😆
  • Steve Jobs's Secrets of Life (video - youtube.com) – had a conversation with my son about famous quotes, and I shared this video with him, and he also loved it. Easier said than done, but maybe Steve's words can change your life, too.
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